Directorate General of National Property

Directorate General of National Property
Department of Research and Development


a) To support the classification of immovables registered in the MEOP database,

b) To provide opinions and suggestions by ensuring inter-departmental coordination to ensure that an effective management and decision support system is established and kept up to date,

c) To ensure the follow-up of the real estate management of other countries, especially the European Union, by conducting research and analysis on them, to create publications, to carry out studies and translations, to create up-to-date links from the MEOP database, to ensure joint projects with relevant institutions and organizations when necessary,

ç) To provide opinions and suggestions to the relevant departments on the deficiencies and actions to be taken in determining the electronic signature, content management and work flows in the works and transactions of our General Directorate of the electronic document and document management system by working to ensure that the documents in paper environment and electronic documents are compatible with each other in the central and provincial organizations,

d) To determine the issues and problems affecting the savings of the Treasury immovables and to produce solutions,

e) To collect and process all kinds of information, data and statistics for risk analysis, to ensure that risk management activities are carried out and reported.

f) To prepare the activity report of the General Directorate, to carry out the preparation of the Ministry's Strategic Plan and Performance Program, to follow up the performance indicators and to provide the necessary coordination,

g) To ensure that the internal control system is established and managed effectively in the General Directorate and to provide feedback to the Managers about whether it is functioning effectively at least once a year,

ğ) To carry out, monitor and make the necessary preparations for the works to be carried out by our General Directorate in terms of harmonization with the European Union,

h) To ensure that the content of the modules in accordance with the legislation is determined and developed so that software development and national real estate applications can be carried out via MEOP,

ı) To coordinate the procedures established by other institutions concerning Government programs, action plans, transformation programs, etc. including the issues that concern our Ministry (General Directorate),

i) To carry out the procedures regarding the Press and Public Relations Consultancy of our Ministry (press bulletin, press release, etc.),

j) Panels, symposiums, workshops etc. for the activities of the General Directorate. To carry out transactions related to organizations,

k) To follow and coordinate the following processes: Determining the revenue targets of the General Directorate by years; creating income-based performance criteria; Making the distribution of income target on a provincial basis and realizing it on a monthly basis; to monitor and report the results regarding the same accordingly,

l) To provide opinions and suggestions on the establishment of the institutional database of the General Directorate and the preparation of the national data infrastructure,

m) To prepare the income budget proposal regarding national real estate revenues.